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This is the main page for all the documentation in support of our products. We will try to keep the wiki articles updated to the best of our knowledge. If you find anything missing, please let us know at Yantrr Support

VAYU M2M Capes

SW Images and Drivers

We provide active support for Debian Wheezy for all our capes. We are actively developing Android and Angstrom support and notes for these will also be here soon. To get started with our capes, you can take any of these paths:

Precompiled Image instructions

  • Debian Image (all patches applied / driver installed). Click Here
  • Compile Debian image from scratch and apply needed patches and install driver Click Here.
  • Compile Android image from scratch and apply needed patches and install driver Click Here.
  • Ångström, Ubuntu generic installation in BeagleBone to get our cape working Click Here

Software Starter Guide

Covers steps to enable data connection on 2G or 3G capes, and also steps to use GPS PPS and NMEA messages with an application to setup NTP server.

Cape Startup Guide

Cape Pinouts and other details

VAYU2 M2M Capes


Getting Started

Precompiled Images

VIBE IoT Platform

Software Starter Guide

Covers full introduction to VIBE hardware and steps to use the Modem and GPS.

Precompiled Images

VIBE2 IoT Platform


Software Startup Guide for VIBE2

Precompiled Images

Building VIBE2 Boot Image



Application Notes

Operating Systems supported (Debian, Ubuntu, Angstrom, Android)

We have tested the VAYU capes in the following configurations on different operating systems:

  • Debian: We provide full support for this. Pre-compiled images for both SD Card based use and for flashing to the eMMC are provided (see Section above).
  • Ubuntu: We have tested our capes on Ubuntu. GPS (NMEA over serial tty port) is known to be working, PPS requires PPS support to be compiled in the kernel. The 3G modem (of the 3GH* and 3GC* capes) as well as the 2G modem (of the 2GD* and 2GQ* capes) have been tested to work on Ubuntu. We are in the process of generating Ubuntu images and making all configuration files available online.
  • Angstrom: See Click Here.
  • Android: We've been able to partially test our cape. Again, there are no known issues but we will put images and configuration files after fully verifying them.

Short Application Notes

Configuring ppp for automatic connection